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Soldier Boy - Musings


My publisher is doing a Blog Hop with the theme of support the troops (for Memorial Day). This is my first blog hop, so I hope I do okay!

I've been informed that if you add me as a 'friend' on Facebook and leave a comment, you can be entered into a drawing for a free book from my publisher!! Here's the link: (me on Facebook


One of my favorite songs is an Oldie: "Soldier Boy." It's melancholy, mushy, sweet--and gets stuck in my head for days on end.

I've never loved a 'Soldier boy' so I can't say I understand the experience. I just like the song, the idea of the faithful girlfriend waiting and rooting for her soldier boy.

When I was ten years old I had a crush on a neighbor boy who was my age (but always seemed much more mature!). He grew up and got married and right now, he's serving overseas, someone else's 'soldier boy.' It's so hard to think of that little boy as a hardened soldier. He always amazed me even as a kid, so I'm sure he's doing a great job.

I don't get to see life as a soldier's girlfriend, and sometimes I'm very grateful because I know it must be harrowing to worry about the ones you love. My mom's best friend is that boy's mother, and it takes a toll on her, hoping every day that her son will be safe.

I can't imagine how hard it is to give your all, serve your country, and come back home injured or with inner wounds. I want to support the men and women who do, though.

I was watching a TV show about Vietnam with my dad a few months ago, and it really stuck with me how hard it was for the men who served there, what a hellish experience it was, and then when they finally survived and felt so glad to come home... there were people who hated them, and blamed them for everything people hated about Vietnam. I never want to see that happen again. We need to support the men and women who go overseas to die for us, and if we don't agree with the politics and decisions, then we need to work on making changes--not shaming or ignoring veterans.

Even though I can't really know what the veteran experience is like, it's a theme in my novella (Emerging From Cover) that's coming out from Musa publishing soon. The main character, Hanson, had a really hard time in Vietnam, and has been hiding out in the forest of Pennsylvania till he feels better. The story is about his journey from the forest, "emerging from cover," back into life as a civilian, and the people he helps along the way, and who help him. I love to read and write about friendship and emotional healing, whether in the context of veterans or others.

Even though I don't really know how anyone can heal from the wounds that sometimes come with serving in the armed forces, I'm grateful for those who don't give up.

My own dad was a 'soldier boy' (actually, a 'sailor boy!'), before I was born. It's so hard for me to imagine him as that 18-year-old dressed in his white hat--the same hat he let us kids use for dress-up years later.

There are so many people in America who are veterans or have loved them. Maybe that's enough reason to like 'Soldier Boy.'



I too have a hard time imagining how difficult it would be to be the mother/girlfriend/wife of a soldier. A big thank you/salute/shout out to not just our servicemen and women but also the ones at home waiting for their safe return.
Thank you for commenting! And I agree totally. :)


Friended you :) Haven't seen you around yet. Welcoem to Musa & congrats on your release! Of course I have a different Soldier Boy in my head now. Thanks :/

Thanks so much, for the comment and for friending!! :) I'm still rather slowly figuring out this whole promo thing. (Like, really, really slowly...)

Sorry for the song stuck in your head! ;)
Thank you for you wonderful post. It is emotional when we actually know someone in the service and great when we remember to appreciate their efforts on our behalf. Thank you for participating in this fun hop.
Denise Z
Thanks so much for your comment, and I really agree. It feels so much more "real" when we know someone... but it's real to so many people every day!
For those of us who have had the benefit of living our lives free over worrying over loved ones serving, it is hard to imagine what it's like. The closest I've come is with family doing national service in Greece. Thank goodness there were no wars during that time.
Indeed, it's hard to know what it would be like. I'm glad your family members were okay. :)

Thank you for your comment!!! :)

That is a great song. I couldn't remember what it was until pulling it up on YouTube and hearing the first few lines of lyrics.
*nod nod* It is a great song, isn't it? :D
Happy Memorial Day and best of luck with your writing.
Thank you! :D And you too!! :)
I wasn't around during Vietnam, but I've heard and seen enough to know that we were not what we needed to be as a support for those soldiers who returned home. It was a different kind of war with a different kind of opposition and dissent than before. I fear we're experiencing some of the same thing today with people not approving of the war and everything, but I do believe we have a much better sense of patriotism and that we know better now. Every soldier deserves a hero's homecoming!
I agree 100 percent with what you said here!!