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Knight and Wizard - cover art

You may recall my story, Knight and Wizard, which you can read about here.  It was turned down awhile ago by a publisher and still needs work.  I'm in the process of editing it further, and I think it's going much better this time.  I'll be self-publishing it when I think it's ready.  Anyway, I made cover art for the story.  It sort of motivates me to keep working hard!  :)

K&W CA final


It's beautiful!

PS. What does it mean self-publishing?
It means you sell it yourself without going through a publisher. In this case, I'll be uploading it to Amazon. They sell it as an ebook and give me a percentage of the sale price.
Thank you. It doesn't work in Poland but I think I will look it up here, because maybe there are some places like that in my country :)
(in case I ever need it...)
I think it's agood idea, my friend!!!
You did so well with your cover art!!!
Thank you so much!! :) <3