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I'm Bailey Montagne. I write fanfic under another name, and am trying to use this penname to publish original fiction. :-) I hope to post about writing, participate in some challenges, learn more, and keep track of my attempts to get published here. :)

I consider myself a writer of stories about deep friendship, self-sacrifice, angst, and adventure! And I believe in happy endings. :) I'm all about celebrating close bonds of friendship.


Knight and Wizard 40,000 words: finished, beta'd, edited, submitted, turned down, back for more edits, further edits, self-published, AVAILABLE NOW on Amazon.com.

It Runs in the Family, 44,000 words: finished, edited, sent out: March 31st, 2012. turned down

Men and Dragons, 67,000 words: finished, edited, sent out: April 28, 2012. turned down - editing, got betas, sent out again: July 14, 2012 ACCEPTED! by MuseItUp Publishing - projected ebook release in May 2013!


Emerging from Cover (12,000 words)
stage: finished, edited, submitted, ACCEPTED! Now available: From the Publisher | on Amazon.com

short stories

Pistols and Brothers (7700 words)
~7700 words Regency buddy story - now on Amazon.com

Please feel free to friend or follow this LJ as desired.


Hello there!

I too, am a writer. I'm not a professional (yet) but I'm hoping to get there one day. Currently working on several different projects, but my stand alone (which may turn into a series) is what I'm working on at the moment. An urban fantasy/supernatural story about werewolves. XD

Anyway, it's what I'm doing for NaNo WriMo this year. Hopefully I'll do well and finish. But I added you anyway. This journal is actually my personal journal, but if you want my writing journal, you can go to gift_of_hope and check out what I've done there. It's fanfiction and original works alike.
Hey, thanks for the add! Awesome! :)
I hope NaNo goes well for you. :)
*waves* Hello! Lovely icon you have!!! :D
Thank you!