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cats read

Knight and Wizard - published

Sorry!  I forgot to post about this!!  My story is now availble on Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Knight-and-Wizard-ebook/dp/B00CMJ6MBS


Knight and Wizard, by Bailey Montagne

Book Description

Publication Date: May 2, 2013
Jake hates magic, has ever since he saw a friend killed with it. So why would he want a wizard moving into his castle? He certainly doesn't suspect this odd, taciturn man will save his life, much less become his closest friend.

A tale of friendship, magic...and danger.

In a world where colors can show personality, only wizards can reveal a person's color. Magic can be inherited. A wizard can see into the future... but can only have one vision in his entire lifetime.

Someone knows the knight and the wizard will become close...and has their own plans for the two.
original post about this story is here: http://bailey-montagne.livejournal.com/1428.html


Eek! Sorry for the slow response!! Thanks so much for your comment!!!!! :D