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cats read

galleys sent~! :D

I just sent the galley edits to my publisher.  I finished a few minutes ago between bouts of coughing and blowing my nose.  Good thing germs can't travel through the internet!  :)

I'm really excited.  :D  I want to play all cool and collected, but...I can't!  It's too exciting!!!

I put so much emotion into this story it's almost embarrassing.  Writing and editing it and then waiting to hear back from publishers...it just mattered to me at the time more than ANYTHING I'd ever written.  I don't know that it's good to be so invested, but I think it made the story stronger, even if it made me a nervous wreck sometimes.

Anyway...yes, clearly, I'm excited.  :)

It will be out shortly and in the meantime is still available for pre-order for a reduced price from the publisher.  (Yes, that's a shameless plug!)